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Septic Excavation services



Installing or repairing septic systems is not an easy task. You must find the best possible team to ensure that the job is done properly. Not only are we experts in providing complete backhoe and dozing services, but are professionally trained to successfully work on septic systems.

Whether you need us to assist in installing a new septic system by using an excavator or backhoe, or help lay new piping for your system - We've got you covered. We use a variety of equipment and tools to make sure the job is done safely, and efficiently.

We install septic tanks in residential and commercial properties. Our staff makes sure that everything is done carefully to prevent issues in the future. Call (870) 710-1105 for an estimate!

Sinks and toilets getting backed up tells us there's something wrong with your septic system. Our experienced team can track down the problem and fix it! Contact us for more information.

Our goal is making the installation process as easy as possible. A typical installation may take as little as 6 hours to a few days. It is highly important to choose a system that has a pump that works for your property. The size of your home and the daily usage of water will determine how big your septic system should be.

  • We first evaluate your property to help you find the system that works for you.
  • We come up with a plan according to your system type.
  • The system is then installed.

We advise that you clean your system every 2-5 years. The failure to maintain a clean system can cause not only bad smells, but the bacteria contained within the waste can be harmful to all those living in the property, including pets and plants. With our septic pumping services, you can expect the following...

  • We locate the access lids of your tanks.
  • We check the liquid level in relation to the outlet pipe.
  • We then lower a vacuum hose to begin the process of pumping.
  • Our team will keep an eye for backflow.
  • Your tank is then cleaned using special tools through a process known as backflushing.
  • After the cleaning is done, we make sure no structural damage was done.